Breathing Into Climate Change – workshop 5 april 2020


Breathing Into Climate Change – support workshop

The Breathing Into Climate Change workshop is a unique creative support-workshop where we will explore new tools and connect with each other during the awakening and challenging climate change period we live in.
– Do you feel lately sometimes overwhelmed by the current news about our climate in urgent need? Do you notice yourself hiding away but wishing you could do something?
– Or not hiding but just often feeling overwhelmed? Or you are active but have many questions? Or do you feel alone in it?
– How can we as a community of yoga practitioners create a more supporting society for all: as we take climate action?

Emotions of fear and grief are not uncommon of this new period for many.

Goals of this workshop

– This workshop will help you to deal with this in a loving, grounding, connecting way.
– In this workshop: You will explore tools on how to positively handle these emotions which are coming along with this new awareness.
– You will also start learning how to make your own positive impact without feeling inadequate or pushing yourself to the limit.
– We will explore a less overwhelming way of dealing with the new situation we are currently living in.
– More connection, more support more in service of each other and our planet.

In this workshop we will offer you a safe, supporting and loving environment. The workshop is a initiative by the Creative Dance/Movement Therapist , Yoga Teacher and social activist Juliette Dormaar (also Founder of Kompassie Yoga).
She will be assisted by one other lovely co-teacher. More info about her later!

This 2 1/2 hour workshop creates space to breathe meaningful, connect meaningful, practice meaningful together.
There will be a safe & confidential sharing. We will practice different exercises to calm our mind & body. And also we will explore different exercises to find lightness and connect to our creative strength inside of us.
We will do these exercises separately and some of them also together.
All the information and sharing in this unique workshop will be will be highly private. A lighter and more playful aspect in this workshop will also be explored.
There is space to find your inner smiles, and feel our creative positive live force. Together.

There will be a lovely small lunch provided as well.
– Your Investment ranges between: 28 euro and 35 euro per person. Depending on your budget. We want everyone to be able to engage. Low threshold. You can message us the price you are willing to pay.
– This is a very special workshop with high qualified and life experienced instructors. But we want everyone to be able to have access. Feel free to contact & inquire! Reservations can be made via

  • Breathing into Climate Change workshop
  • Sunday 5 April 2020 13:45-16:15
  • Location: Kompassie Yoga Studio, Achterhaven 152 Rotterdam
  • Reservations:
  • Admission Fee: 28 – 35 euros per person, depending on your budget. The fee includes admission to the workshop and a small lunch.
  • Language: Dutch or English instruction. Adapting to participants