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Gentle Vinyasa with Margriet
This is a 40 Min class. Margriet used to teach also regular with us. She is a lovely blend of a professional dancer, choreographer and yoga teacher. In this class she takes you on a slow flow (Vinyasa) journey with the theme: EARTH. Grounding you and flowing at the samen time with your breath.. A…
Yin Yoga: 3rd Moon Quarter
This 65 min Yin Class is part of a serie around the Moon energy cycles. You can either follow it as a sequence in your month starting with dark moon. Or just practice them in your own order and pace. All of them are special yin classes .. Enjoy!
1st Quarter Moon
As you might have enjoyed the last session of Dark Moon we are now entering the 2nd fase: 1st Quarter of the Moon. Allow yourself to immerse in your inner journey with some insights and background information as well. Together with our teacher Nicola on her cosy Yoga attic! We hope you like it too!
Yin Yoga: Dark Moon
We are offering a unique Moon Cycle Yoga class serie. Each week you will find a new class around the cycles of the moon. This is the first one. When we can not see the moon : We call it the dark moon. It is the beginning of the circle. Nicola of Kompassieyoga will take…
Vinyasa Flow and reset
Katherine is our regular Vinyasa teacher. In this 70 min class she invites you to reset body and mind through a gentle Vinyasa flow technique. Have a great class and hopefully see you soon as well in the studio! Or at our outdoor activities!
Aerial Yoga Introduction Practise!
Hi lovely people! In case you have no hammock yet. This vid will also show where. And you can have a discount if you email me. Some kompassieyoga Students have their hammock at home. Now you can start safely practise with me from home as well. On purpose first a short beginner Vid. So it…
Drums and Vinyasa Flow
Our lovely guest teacher Leila shares a clear and beautiful Vinyasa class with you. Some experience in Yoga is recommended here. But everyone is welcome to try! The calm drums accompanying her are coming from her gifted sister. Who you will also see shortly playing at the end of the class; during savasana.. It is…
Patience Yin with Nicola: 65 min
Well.. this is quite a important theme to practise: Patience. Nicola will guide you through a complete practise with this theme in her Yin class. I have doubted to add the recording to our library due to a washing machine you sometimes can hear in the background. But this class is so nice and for…

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