Welcome to our  Zen Movie Nights!

It took a while but now finally it is the right time to start this amazing get connection: together, chill-out and re-connect evenings in our lovely studio!

–  Our second: ZEN MOVIE NIGHT: At 23 Feb 2019! Our doors are open at 19:30! And only 7 eu each (non profit) SUBSCRIBE: info@kompassieyoga.nl
(limited places) A direct Movie Ticket-link is here.
We share inspiring (surprise) movies while letting go at the same time.. on our mats or a pillow or maybe even in our Aerial hammocks !
– General Goal: Chilling out in the Studio in connection together. While at the same time watch a beautiful movie with inspiring themes such as:
Mindfulness, spirituality , yoga or even broader: philosophy or sustainability. Together in our beautiful place where there is space to relax, to connect.. And to have a nice talk after the movie..
– To enjoy life, connect with like minded people..& feel inspired!
– SPECIAL is: We provide a unique lounging area at our zen movie nights.. You can either chill out on the ground or in the HANGING area! Experience a amazing chill out zone in Juliette’s wonderful unique concept: Watching the movie form her aerial-yoga hammocks!
– If you want to be sure to have a spot, please subscribe in time by Email: info@kompassieyoga.nl Limited spots available!

– Intention: Returning unique zen life-style event with a unique movie. Non profit. Only covering costs & supporting a good cause for mother earth & humanity!
– The first dates are:

2019: Saturday 23rd Feb 20 clock: : Deep Look! The unique movie of filmmaker Veysi: ‘compassion & inner peace’ film Hammocks, lounge area & drinks provided!

Saturday 29th Dec. 20 clock at : To welcome your New year! The movie is a Special Surprise! Hammocks, lounge area & drinks provided!

We are excited & grateful !