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Detox Twist and Flow!
Hi lovely yogi’s, Enjoy this delicious slow flow. But at same time intensive Detox Twist with our teacher Leila. All levels can follow the class. You can always take a small pause or child pose if needed and pick up the flow whenever you can. Enjoy and feel rejuvenated after this session! Team Kompassieyoga
Waking up the Spine with Leila
A gentle Flow class for you to wake up your spine with our teacher Leila. You can use whenever you feel your back needs some extra attention.Especially in the morning, after sitting or with the office work for a long time.
Beginner Slow-Flow
Dear yogi, This is a nice introduction to yoga in times of the pandemic. Juliette introduces different techniques and makes you aware of your asana poses. Starting with an easy breath warm up, going in to a nice slow-flow while adding some music to your class. And finishing with a deeper stretching while showing how...
Gentle Vinyasa with Margriet
This is a 40 Min class. Margriet used to teach also regular with us. She is a lovely blend of a professional dancer, choreographer and yoga teacher. In this class she takes you on a slow flow (Vinyasa) journey with the theme: EARTH. Grounding you and flowing at the samen time with your breath.. A...
vinyasa yoga les
Katherine is our regular Vinyasa teacher. In this 70 min class she invites you to reset body and mind through a gentle Vinyasa flow technique. Have a great class and hopefully see you soon as well in the studio! Or at our outdoor activities!
Aerial Yoga Introduction Practise!
Hi lovely people! In case you have no hammock yet. This vid will also show where. And you can have a discount if you email me. Some kompassieyoga Students have their hammock at home. Now you can start safely practise with me from home as well. On purpose first a short beginner Vid. So it...
Drums and Vinyasa Flow
Our lovely guest teacher Leila shares a clear and beautiful Vinyasa class with you. Some experience in Yoga is recommended here. But everyone is welcome to try! The calm drums accompanying her are coming from her gifted sister. Who you will also see shortly playing at the end of the class; during savasana.. It is...
Gentle Creative Flow: 40 min
Juliette shares with you a gentle flow class of 40 min. She starts with a mindful warm-up. With extra attention for neck and shoulders. Since we often carry a lot of tension there. Especially when we work at home at the computer now a days much more. Then she will take you to new connections...

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