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Let us enjoy the inspiration of working with your Core actively in Yoga. Let yourself be guided by our Kompassie teacher Nicola for a 1 hour practise. Feel stronger and alive!
Nicola Stretch Yoga: 55 min
This Yoga class by Nicola is a lovely stretch and relax class to welcome a new day! But also it can be lovely on any other time of your day. This class focus on creating space and awareness in the body. Nicola starts with an interesting mantra which is not difficult to join her in....
Restorative Yoga
This class is in Dutch.  Duration: 60 minutes. Restorative Flow Yoga (also called energy restorative Yoga) can be practiced by everyone. This style of yoga is ideal for people who need a quieter class, recovering from an injury or illness, for pregnant or postnatal women. This style can also be practiced as a good addition...
Yin Yoga with Nicola
This is a 55 minutes Yin practice where you are invited to create space inside of yourself under guidance of our Kompassieyoga teacher Nicola. If wished for: Use home-props for supporting your body. Like a pillow, block, bolster or blanket. We start the class with conscious breathing and then proceed with the first Yin exercise....
Evening Yin-Yoga
A lovely long Yin Yoga class of 70 min during the festive days of Lock-down Xmas 2020. This is for you to release and unwind with Katherine. The video is originally coming from a Streamed class so it is almost as if you are again doing a live connection with one of your favorite teachers...

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