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Vinyasa Flow and reset
Katherine is our regular Vinyasa teacher. In this 70 min class she invites you to reset body and mind through a gentle Vinyasa flow technique. Have a great class and hopefully see you soon as well in the studio! Or at our outdoor activities!
Patience Yin with Nicola: 65 min
Well.. this is quite a important theme to practise: Patience. Nicola will guide you through a complete practise with this theme in her Yin class. I have doubted to add the recording to our library due to a washing machine you sometimes can hear in the background. But this class is so nice and for...
Stoel-Yoga 20 min
Deze les wordt in het Nederlands geinstrueerd. Altijd al je stoel op een andere manier willen bekijken en gebruiken? Dat kan nu. Juliette gidst je helder door prettige en toegankelijke oefeningen die je lichaam en geest zal ontspannen en resetten. Zodat je verfrist en met betere concentratie verder kan gaan met je dag of werk....
Yoga 4ur back with Susmita: 20 min
Today we share a short and gentle practise for your whole spine. From head to tail;-) Our Kompassieyoga teacher Susmita instructs and Juliette enjoys with you the gentle guidance.  Do you have a stiff back, neck or shoulders? Then this short yoga class could help you through your day!
Yoga Nidra: Dream State
Hello wonderful yogi’s. Today Juliette shares a Nidra journey with you where you will be guided in to a total relaxation. A 30 min guided practise. Did you know that some of Yoga Nidra benefits are very useful? Especially in these times? An overview of it’s benefits: Stress Reduction. One of the most common and...
25 min Restoratieve Yoga met Eline
This Class is in dutch. Eline shares here a short Restorative Class of around 25 min. Where she focus on floor exercises for your spine and your hips. Suitable for beginners, office workers and people recovering.
30 min Yin with Katherine
Welcome to a lovely 30 min Yin class of Katherine. She is integrating a beautiful theme to work on.  And it only takes 30 min of your time. Remember: It is all about regular practise. Short practise counts too! Enjoy. And see you soon. Team Kompassieyoga
Winter Yin with Nicola
This is an around 60 min lovely cosy Yin Practise with Nicola. Bring in your own blanket and enjoy her class at Nicola’s cosy yoga-attic! This Yoga class is suitable for every level.

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